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What does recovery cost at Illinois Shelter & Recovery Services? 

Nothing. It's FREE.

Free? Don't the clients pay something?

No. Nearly all of our clients are homeless and impoverished. They don't have insurance, and they don't qualify for Medicare or Medicaid. But they do contributed to Illinois Shelter in many ways. It is part of their recovery for each man and woman to learn personal responsibility and accountability.

How Can I Help?

Make a Donation. Current gifts help us to offer hope of recovery to needy men and women. In-Kind donations help fuel growth with computer education and training, Fundraising events (plan a gala, golf outing), Volunteer or Invite us to speak.

How do you spend your money?

The majority (approximately 75%) of our proposed budget is spent on our program to help men and women recovery from alcoholism and addicted. The remainder is spent on administrative costs and fundraising. 

Why is the program so cost-effective?

In-Kind donations help defray costs. Many of those that mentor our clients are volunteers that have learned to solve similar issues in their own lives or provide professional services at no cost.

Where does the money come from?

In a real sense, it all comes from people: men and women who know our programs - its success and its cost-effectiveness. Since our inception in 2008, 100% has come from Individual, Corporations and Foundations.