News and Events

The Nicholas E. & Hilda Leep Foundation

The Nicholas E. & Hilda Leep Foundation is pleased with Illinois Shelter & Recovery Services for our work with the homeless. We have received a grant May 2014-6 for this purpose.

The Geraldi Norton Foundation

The Geraldi Norton Foundation is impressed with our approach to a very urgent need and gifted accordingly. Partnered since 2010.

Uptown - 5 Years (Closing a chapter)

We are closing our doors at Uptown after five really great years of success. Illinois Shelter & Recovery Services boasts at 75% success rate (as measured by sobriety in the 1st year).

JPMorgan Chase & Co.

JPMorgan Chase & Co. has provided Illinois Shelter & Recovery Services with an Early Acceptance Grant, December 2012, as part of the Chase Community Giving that took place earlier this year. Many thanks to those who participating by voting and sharing what we do among your co-workers, family and friends.

Black Ensemble Theatre

BE's educational outreach programs focus on low-income, underserved communities fostering more effective teaching and learning among the youth, their parents, their teacher and the communities in which they live. BE's educational outreach programming includes Strengthening The School Through Theater Arts, New Directions, Plays With A Purpose, Theater For Special Women and Men, Summer Training in the Technical Arts and Community Access. Black Ensemble Theater provided tickets to one of their plays as another means of educating those we serve at Illinois Shelter & Recovery Services.

Chase Community Giving

Out of thousands of charities across the nation, our community chose
Illinois Shelter & Recovery Services to be a part of the 2012 Chase Community Giving program. In this year's program, Chase customers and employees told Chase which charities meant the most to them - and Illinois Shelter & Recovery Services is one of them! Now that the nominations are in, we're inviting all of you to participate in the voting phase, where we'll be eligible as 1 of 196 local charities to receive up to $250,000 grant. Voting will take place between September 6th-19th, 2012. Vote for Us on .

What's at Stake? Poverty - Tavis Smiley

Indiana University Alumni Magazine Fall 2012 issue IU Nation in the world of politics. Many IU alumni weigh in on several important topics for the 2012 Election. We highlight Tavis Smiley's topic of Poverty. "Poverty is the fundamental moral and spiritual issue of our time" Read more, click here.



Marathon Petroleum Company

At Marathon Petroleum Company (MPC), philanthropy is an is an integral part of their business and a sound investment in the communities where they live and work. MPC believes that promoting and contributing to the health and vitality of the communities in which MPC has the privilege to operate is essential to their success. MPC focuses their resources where MPC can have the greatest impact and on issues that affect the long-term value of MPC’s assets and communities.

As a corporation, MPC seeks out innovative programs that align with our values and goals. MPC is a supporter of Illinois Shelter & Recovery Services in health and human services needs in the communities in which we operate. MPC is also a strong supporter of education, providing scholarships to both empower the socially or economically disadvantaged to reach their full potential.

Ravinia Festival Selects Illinois Shelter & Recovery Services 2012

 Ravinia Festival selected Illinois Shelter & Recovery Services and will receive tickets for up to three concerts with admission for up to 45 people per concert. Ravinia Festival’s 2012 Opportunity Lawn Pass Program provides free lawn admission to select organizations to ensure concert attendance by those who otherwise might not be able to attend. For Illinois Shelter & Recovery Services, this provides yet another opportunity for men and women to demonstrate that they can have fun without drinking or doing other substances.

Bonneville Chicago Radio Group (WTMX, WILV, WDRV)

April 2011: Bonneville Chicago Radio Group has a program which allows employees to wear jeans to work on Fridays, if they make a $5.00 donation. Bonneville Chicago hand selected Illinois Shelter & Recovery Services as their 1st Quarter 2011 Charity!

Northwestern University Athletics Department

Northwestern University's Athletic Department donated basketball tickets for the Northwestern Men's Basketball games. This provides an opportunity for men and women to demonstrate that they can have fun without drinking or doing other substances.

Computer Center & Education Training

Illinois Shelter & Recovery Services, Inc. donated with the help of others, 4 computers, monitors, printeres, office chairs, & more to create a computer center for Education & Training.




Can I create/host an event to raise money and awareness?? Yes you can!