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Thank you for your support of Illinois Shelter & Recovery Services, Inc.  

550 W. Frontage Rd
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Current gifts help us continue to offer the hope of recovery to needy men and women. Our priority is always meeting the annual budget, but a planned gift (including Illinois Shelter & Recovery Services Inc. in your will) help us continue the work of recovery into the future. No Donation is too small.


You Can Help

To make Illinois Shelter & Recovery Services a reality in Chicago and help end this problem of homelessness once and for all, we need your financial assistance to support the organization’s basic infrastructure—administration, planning, technology, communications.

Your gifts will allow us to invest the time necessary to put together the necessary administrative infrastructure to build support in the community. This support will include doctors, dentists, and medical schools that will provide pro bono health care to our clients.

Your help will provide us with the appropriate momentum necessary to raise the additional funds needed for operation from private parties including individuals, foundations, and corporations. The return on the investment of these funds will save millions of dollars for ER and other hospital costs, as well as legal, policing and incarceration costs, lost employment time and unemployment costs, and the huge cost associated with the impact of substance abuse on the entire family.           

We are determined to end homelessness in the United States through successfully addressing the needs of the whole person in our facilities.

If you are willing to receive an e-mail confirmation of your gift, please give us your e-mail address. Your address will not be shared, and it will save us dollars and staff time – Thank you!