About Us

Illinois Shelter & Recovery Services, Inc. was founded in 2007, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to eliminating the problem of homelessness in Chicago by offering basic and substance abuse recovery services of indigent and homeless men and women. In 2008, we started fundraising and elected our Board of Directors. Our fundraising is comprised of Individuals, Corporations & Foundations.


Mission Statement: Serving Basic and Substance Abuse Recovery Needs of Indigent and Homeless Men and Women.

Vision: To Reach the homeless, offer Recovery for the addicted, and help Restore productive lives. Recovery should be available to all who want sobriety and have no other means of acquiring help.


Where we deliver

Illinois Shelter & Recovery Services breaks the cycle of homelessness and addiction. It is cost-effective, less than $25 per person, per day as compared to $250-$1000 per day for other treatment programs. There are no financial commitments for the client - the only requirement is their concentration of recovery and the program. We help our clients find free health care and any required medications. We provide recovery and comprehensive care addressing job placement, housing, education, assistance with legal and medical issues, and family reunification.

#1 Health Problem in America Today

Illinois Shelter & Recovery Services, Inc. is dedicated to saving peoples lives. Alcoholism and addiction are fatal diseases, killing both the body and the individual's relationship with themselves, with others and with God. According to several studies, addiction is the #1 health problem in America today.